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Chemical Name:5-Methoxy-2-mercaptobenzimidazole
CAS.NO:  37052-78-1

Molecular Formula: C8H8N2OS
Molecular Weight: 180.22700

Physical and Chemical Properties:
Density: 1.38 g / cm3
Boiling point: 309.4ºC at 760 mmHg
Melting point: 261-263 ° C (lit.)
Flash point: 140.9ºC
Refractive index: 1.694

Appearance: White to Yellowish Crystal
Loss on drying:≤0.5%

 25kg  cardboard drum or according to customer specified requirements
Storage:Stored in a cool and dry well-closed container. Keep away from moisture and strong light/heat.
Application:Intermediates of Esomeprazole sodium CAS:161796-78-7
Intermediates of Omeprazole sodium CAS:95510-70-6
Intermediates of Omeprazole magnesium CAS:95382-33-5
Intermediates of Omeprazole  CAS:73590-58-6


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