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EINECS 237-666-9
Molecular Formula: C7H16N2
Molecular Weight: 128.21500
Appearance: Colorless or yellowish transparent liquid
Purity%: ≥99.5%
Boiling Point ℃: 213℃
Water Content: ≤0.2%
Viscosity(mPa.s/25℃): 5-15
Amine Value(mgKOH/g): 850-900
Density(g/mm³): 0.94
Chroma: ≤1
Uses: HTDA is a kind of alicyclic amine monomer with side methyl and a new curing agent of alicyclic amine epoxy resin. The product can be used as curing agent alone, and can also be mixed with other common epoxy curing agents (such as aliphatic amine, alicyclic amine, aromatic amine, anhydride, etc.) or general accelerators (such as tertiary amine, imidazole). It is suitable for composite materials, coatings, adhesives, floors and other fields. It can be used for organic synthesis such as polyamide, polyimide, etc.'It can be used for polyurethane as chain extender of amine, forming urea bond with isocyanate group, and improving the comprehensive properties of products.
Packing: 190KG/Drum
The company focuses on R&D and sales of phosphate flame retardant, plasticizer, stabilizer, polyurethane curing, and chain extender. The annual supply of phosphate flame retardant, plasticizer, stabilizer, polyurethane curing, and chain extender products is 8,000 tons.


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