4-methoxyacetophenone Cas:100-06-1

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Ethanone, 1-(4-methoxyphenyl)-
molecular formula: C9H10O2
Molecular weight: 150.17400
Physical Properties:
Appearance and properties: white crystals
Density: 1.035 g/cm3
Boiling point: 152-154 °C26 mm Hg(lit.)
Melting point: 36-38 °C (lit.)
Flash Point: >230 °F
Refractive Index: 1.547 (41ºC)
Appearance:  white crystal
Purity: 99.5%min
Moisture: 0.2%max

p-Methoxyacetophenone is an aromatic compound with sweet, fruity, nutty and vanilla-like aromas. Also, p-methoxyacetophenone can sometimes smell like butter or caramel. The compound is used as a cigarette additive, as a flavoring agent and in food flavoring. p-Methoxyacetophenone can be found in natural castoreum (the glandular secretion of beaver). p-Methoxyacetophenone can be synthesized from anisole and acetyl chloride through Friedel-Crafts reaction:
Package and Storage:
1kg/bottle or bag
25kgs/drum or bag

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