4-Ethyl-2-methoxyphenol Cas:2785-89-9

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Product Description:

Product Name: 4-Ethyl-2-methoxyphenol CAS NO: 2785-89-9



Guaiacyl ethane;




Chemical & Physical Properties:

Appearance: Clear colorless to light yellow liquid

Assay :≥99.0%

Density: 1.058

Boiling Point: 234-236℃

Melting Point: 15℃

Flash Point: 107.7℃

Refractive Index: 1.525-1.53

Vapor Pressure: 0.0173mmHg at 25℃


Safety Information:

Hazard Class: 6.1(b)

Safety Statements: S26-S37/39

HS Code: 2932999099

Packing Group: III

WGK Germany: 2


Risk Statements: R22; R36/37/38

Hazard Code: Xn

Symbol: GHS07

Signal Word: Warning

Hazard Statements: H315-H319-H335

Precautionary Statements: P261-P305 + P351 + P338


4-Ethylguaiacol, often abbreviated to 4-EG, is a phenolic compound with the molecular formula C9H12O2. It is produced along with 4-ethylphenol (4-EP) in wine and beer by the spoilage yeast Brettanomyces. When it is produced by the yeast to concentrations greater than the sensory threshold of >600 µg/L, it can contribute bacon, spice, clove, or smoky aromas to the wine. On their own these characters can be quite attractive in a wine, however as the compound usually occurs with 4-EP whose aromas can be more aggressive, the presence of the compound often signifies a wine fault. The ratio in which 4-EP and 4-EG are present can greatly affected the organoleptic properties of the wine.


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