(3,4-Dimethoxyphenyl)acetone Cas:776-99-8

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2-Propanone, 1-(3,4-dimethoxyphenyl)-
molecular formula:C11H14O3
Molecular weight: 194.22700
Physical Properties:
Appearance: Colorless transparent liquid
Density: 1.115 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.)
Boiling point: 154-158 °C (12 mmHg)
Flash Point: >230 °F
Refractive index: n20/D 1.5358(lit.)
Items of Analysis Standard of Analysis Test Results
Appearance Yellow to light green liquid Conform
Purity ≥98.5% 99.527%
Impurity ≤0.5% 0.110%
Moisture ≤0.2% 0.03%
Conclusion Conforms to Factory Standard

Intermediate of the antihypertensive drug methyldopa.
Package and Storage:
Store in a tightly closed container. Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area away from incompatible substances.

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