2-Nitro-4-methylsulfonylbenzoic acid

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4-methylsulfonyl-2-nitrobenzoic acid
4-Methylsulphonyl-2-nitrobenzoic acid
4-(Methylsulfonyl)-2-nitrobenzoic acid
Molecular Formula: C8H7NO6S
Molecular Weight: 245.20900
Density: 1.576
Boiling point: 497.8ºC at 760 mmHg
Melting point: 211-212ºC
Flash point: 254.9ºC
Refractive index: 1.59
Vapor pressure: 9.97E-11mmHg at 25°C

Items of Analysis Standard of Analysis Test Results
Appearance Light yellow crystal Conform
Assay ≥99.0% 99.57%
Moisture ≤0.5% 0.02%
Conclusion Conforms to Factory Standard


2-Nitro-4-methylsulfonylbenzoic acid

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