(2-Bromoethyl)cyclopropane Cas:36982-56-6

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Product Description:

Product Name: (2-Bromoethyl)cyclopropane CAS NO: 36982-56-6




bromoethyl cyclopropane;

2-cyclopropylethyl bromide;


Chemical & Physical Properties:

Appearance: Colourless Oil

Assay :≥99.0%

Density: 1.433±0.06 g/cm3 (20℃ 760 Torr)

Flash Point: 39.2±13.6 ℃

Boiling Point: 129℃

Fp: 39.2±13.6℃

Vapor Pressure: 19.8±0.2 mmHg at 25℃

Index of Refraction: 1.506


Safety Information:

HS Code: 2903890090


2-Bromoethylcyclopropane is used as a reagent to synthesize 22-Hydroxycholesterol derivatives, compounds that act as serum cholesterol lowering agents. 2-Bromoethylcyclopropane is also used to prepare pyridazinones, compounds that act as cyclooxygenase 2-inhibitors (they possess anti-inflammatory and antiangiogenic effects).


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